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Časopis Ecologica Montenegrina

Ecologica Montenegrina is peer-reviewed, open access journal in which scientific articles and reports are quickly published. The papers are in the fields of taxonomy, biogeography and ecology.  The journal is fee-free for the contributing authors.

All papers published in Ecologica Montenegrina can be freely copied, downloaded, printed and distributed at no charge for the reader. Authors are thus encouraged to post the pdf files of published papers on their homepages or elsewhere to expedite distribution. There is no charge for color.

As of January 2015 the EM journal is only available on line.

Ecologica Montenegrina will consider for publishing works on the following topics:

  • descriptions of new taxa
  • taxonomic revisions
  • papers in fundamental ecology
  • papers in descriptive and/or historical biogeography
  • phylogenetic and evolutionary analyses
  • methodology papers
  • checklists and catalogues

Descriptions of single species are welcome. The minimum requirements for publishing a description of a single species in Ecologica Montenegrina is to provide: (1) a statement on type material and type locality, according to the ICZN requirements, (2) detailed description with good quality figures, (3)  a differential diagnosis, (4) etymology, and (5) as much additional information as possible on the biology, distribution, and conservation status.

ISSN 2336-9744 (online)

Archived in Biotaxa: Online library for taxonomic journals


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