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Audicija za Festival "Nei suoni dei luoghi"


Audition Call

International Music Festival

In the Sound of Places 2020

XXII Edition


Artistic directionStefan MilenkovichandValentina Danelon


L’associazione Progetto Musica of Udine (Italy) indices a selection call for participation in the International Music Festival “In the Sounds of Places”(

that takes place between July and December in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto (Italy), Slovenia, Croatia and Austria.


The call aimed to young musicians enrolled in an Academy or Conservatory, who want to participate in the Festival as soloists or in chamber ensembles, with a classical musical repertoire and/or other genres such as jazz, folk, crossover, etc.


The selections will take place by sending a video to the artistic director who will choose the candidates suitable to perform in the International Music Festival In the Sounds of Places 2020

L’Associazione Progetto Musica will award a scholarship of € 300 for each student selected for participation in the Festival which will be presented as a soloist.

In case of "duo" the scholarship awarded will be € 500 in total

In case of "trio" the scholarship awarded will be € 600 in total

In case of "quartet" the scholarship awarded will be € 800 in total

For groups with a higher number of musicians, the total scholarship awarded will be € 1.000

L’Associazione Progetto Musica will arrange the travel and accommodation expenses of musicians

The travel expenses are understood from the headquarters of the Academy to the concert.


The best student or group selected by the artistic director will be offered the opportunity to perform a concert with Stefan Milenkovich in the Festival.

Two concerts of the Festival will take place in Croatia and Austria and will be part of “NSDL International”. For these concerts we select established ensembles (but only formed by Italian and foreign musicians) or single musicians that will take part of new ensembles that are going to join a 2 days workshop followed by a concert in the same city. 


To participate you must send the following documents starting from January, 15th and no later than February, 15th2020 for soloists and February 28th2020 for chamber groups, following the indications written in the site

  • Audio-Video lasting up to 15 minutes. The video must contain 2 tracks of different styles, each of which must be recorded live (without no editing nor pauses)
  • Application formdulycompleted
  • Copy of the identity document
  • Artistic Curriculum
  • Audition program and two programs for a full concert
  • Repertoire

Note for audio – video materials:

Candidates who propose themselves as soloists, will have to present a solo program (no sonatas or chamber pieces).Piano accompaniment is allowed.The soloist candidates who wants to participate also at “NSDL international” must send one soloistic piece and one chamber piece.


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