Fakultet likovnih umjetnosti, 23.02.2019

Likovni konkurs za studente umjetničkih fakulteta

Poziv studentima za ušešće na 12. Međunarodnom omladinskom festivalu umjetnosti Via Pontica u Bugarskoj pod nazivom "Graphic Vision".

Association "Via Pontica" Bulgaria announced

Competition for the Graphic Vision of the 12th Edition of the International Festival of Young at Art "Via Pontica" 2019 Balchik

Deadline - June 30, 2019 / 23:59

Send files to the following address: viaponticafest@gmail.com

Reward: 10 days guest at Architectural complex “Balchik Palace” during the 12th edition of Festival "Via Pontica" - (travel costs, food 2 meals per day, accommodations in apartment for two persons) from 10 to 19 September 2019.

The conditions of the participations: Concept must refer to the idea of ​​the festival, which allows for expression of young artists, studying arts in one of the academies like a fleeting birds from nests; The idea for creative atmosphere composed of artists, musicians, theater, photographers, filmmakers that will present their professional searches that will set the entire city of Balchik at the Black sea, with exhibitions performances, concerts and screenings.

The poster must contain
1. Required Text: 12th INTERNATIONAL YOUTH ARTS FESTIVAL "VIA PONTICA" Balchik 09-19 September 2019
2. The logo of the festival (link at the bottom of this page) and space for other logos of sponsors and institutions and promoting implementation
3. Ability to integrate program of festival and other texts (see examples at issuu.com/viapontica)

Every participant send by mail:
1. preview,
2. printing file of poster and
3. files of proposals for applying the idea on other media.

The preview of projects must have the following parameters: JPG, RGB, 72 dpi and the projects will be send in one of the formats .pdf, .ai or .eps - with adequate resolution for printing (minimum 300 dpi. 100 x 70 cm, texts and logos in the form of vectors). Тhe project must be accompanied by proposals for applying the vision to the posters, billboards, programs and brochures

Right to participate have all regular students of art and design from academies and faculties of art and design from all European countries
Participants send files with project proposals to the following address: viaponticafest@gmail.com with mail Subject: FOR COMPETITION 2019 not later than 23:59 on June 30, 2019. After ranking results, will verify the status of students for the ranked finalists by international departments of academies and faculties.
The jury will be composed of professors of Graphic design and representatives of the Association “Via Pontica.

The results will be announced by July 5, 2019 on our facebook page.

For questions about competition send us a message via facebook page of the festival.

With the activities of the association "Via Pontica" and the events of the previous festivals can be obtained through page https://www.facebook.com/ViaPonticaFest
or https://issuu.com/viapontica

LOGO download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sgjSoYGJ79p84Icifm_SkAYGkwL8uH85/view?fbclid=IwAR1bgUVydLNa5-PWqkBu5L4wXeYlfafeU5VL1QnWB5JzTK-i48c9rh3XfOI