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Read and translate the text:

Coronavirus: What could happen if the football season is cancelled?

The message was clear from English football authorities on Friday - matches will only be resumed "when it was safe and appropriate to do so".

But what remains unclear is exactly when competitions will, if at all, restart.

Professional matches had been suspended until the beginning of May, but that date has now been pushed back indefinitely.

All fixtures in the Premier League, Football League, Women's Super League and Women's Championship, and all fixtures in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, are currently postponed.

"In this unprecedented situation, we are working closely with our clubs, Government, The FA and EFL and can reassure everyone the health and welfare of players, staff and supporters are our priority," said Premier League Chief Executive Richard Masters.

The move follows other decisions made by Football governing authorities in France, Italy, and Spain, while UEFA has agreed to delay this summer's European Championships until 2021.

In a statement to Euronews, the Premier League said the "overriding priority is to aid the health and well-being of the nation and our communities, including players, coaches, managers, club staff and supporters".

English football authorities had agreed that "difficult decisions" will have to be made to mitigate the economic impact of the suspension of football across the country.

But the leagues have reiterated their wish for "all remaining domestic league and cup matches to be played" to maintain competition integrity.

And UEFA's decision to suspend Euro 2020 for 12 months does create space in the calendar to ensure that domestic and European leagues have more chance of being completed.

The Italian football federation (FIGC) have however admitted that the Serie A season might not finish, and said that they would be discussing several alternatives if games cannot be completed.

These options include:

  • staging play-offs
  • not having a champion for 2019-20
  • declaring the current standings final

When Euronews asked the English Premier League if it was considering the options suggested by the Italian Football Federation, they directed to us to an earlier statement.

"Despite the challenges," it reads, "it is the Premier League’s aim to reschedule the displaced fixtures, including those played by Academy sides, when it is safe to do so."

Any further measures are currently a matter of speculation.





Structure of zero conditional




If/when you heat water to 100 degrees, it boils.

If/when you don't heat water to 100 degrees, it doesn't boil.

What happens if/when you heat water to 100 degrees?


Structure of the first conditional




If you hurry, you'll catch the bus.

If you walk slowly, you won't catch the bus.

If you don't hurry, you'll miss the bus.

What will you do if the train is full tomorrow?

you'll = you will

won't = will not
don't = do not

what you will


Structure of second conditional




If I had more time, I'd travel more.

I'd = I would

wouldn't refuse if you offered me $10,000.

I would be surprised if he didn't come.

wouldn't = would not
didn't = did not

What would you say if you met the President?


Structure of third conditional




If I'd (I had) known you were coming, I would have waited for you.

If she hadn't (had not) been ill, she would have gone to the cinema.

Would you have told me if you'd (you had) known about it?



He almost fell from the balcony. I'm sure that if he had fallen, he (break)  his leg or something. 

2If I leave now, I (be)  home in two hours. 

3If you (like)  , I'll lend you my car for two days. 

4If we increased the price, we (run)  the risk of pricing ourselves out of the market. 

5If you (ask)  your boss, I'm sure he would have considered your proposal. 

6The radio is broken. When you turn it on, it (make)  a strange noise. 

7I'd set them the task if they (be)  more reliable. However, I don't think they're capable of doing it. 

8If I had known how long the journey was, I (take)  something else to read with me. 

9If you (not/manage)  to finish the catalogue on time, we'll have to postpone the printing until next month. 

10The accident (might/not/be)  so bad if you'd been driving more slowly. 








Task No. 1367

Put the verbs in brackets into the gaps or select from the drop-downs to form a First Conditional sentence.

1 I'll ring you only if I  will think would think think  I need help. 


2 If you take my advice you  will not do not would not  have any problems. 


3 If you  won't do don't do didn't do  anything wrong, you won't get into trouble. 


4 If are not home by 11 pm, you  will be would be be  in big trouble. 


5 If you eat more than usual, you  would put on put on will put on  weight. 


6 If he  will find finds would find  a good job, he will be able to get married. 


7 If you  didn't go won't go don't go  to bed soon, you will be tired tomorrow. 


8 If I  am was were  right, we won't have to do anything else. 


9 You  will have would have had have  to study harder if you want to pass the exam. 


10 She  needs would need will need  a passport if she wants to go to Japan. 


Task No. 1064

Choose the correct phrases and form meaningful Second Conditional sentences.

Do you need help?

Second Conditionals

1 If you  close closed  the window, it  would not been would not be  so cold. 


2 The team  would won might win  the league if they  would train trained  properly. 


3 Your pen  not leaked would not leak  if you  will put put  the top on properly. 


4 If the boys  pay paid  attention, they  won`t get wouldn`t get  such bad marks. 


5  Will you buy Would you buy  a boat if you  win won  the lottery? 


6 If Peter  will invite invited  Simon, I  won`t go wouldn`t go  to the party. 


7 Petra  wouldn`t need need  a dictionary if she  studied had studied  the new words. 


8 If the cooks  would clean cleaned  as they worked, they  will finish would finish  their work sooner. 


9 If they  concentrate concentrated  during matches, they  wouldn`t lose won`t lose  games. 


10 I  wouldn`t eaten wouldn`t eat  in that restaurant if you  pay paid  me. 



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