Institut za biologiju mora

Studia Marina Vol. 23 No. 1 (2002.)

Mačić, V.

Phenology of seagrass Posidonia oceanica (L.) Del. in the South-East Adriatic (Cape of Kočište)

Vukanić, D.

Seasonal rhythm of vertical distribution of Copepods in deep waters of South Adriatic

Ungaro, N. and G. Marano

On the distribution and demography of the deep-water pink shrimp and Norway lobster fishery stocks in the South Adriatic Sea

Žikić, R.

Is the population of Adriatic sardine (Sardina pilchardus Walb.) homogenous?

Regner S. and A. Joksimović

Estimate of demersal biomass of the Montenegrin Shelf (South Adriatic)

Mihajlović, R., D. Joksimović, S. Mandić and Lj. Mihajlović

Macro and micro elements in sea water of Boka Kotorska Bay


Mihajlović, R. and D. Joksimović

Heavy metals in sediments from Boka Kotorska Bay


Stanković, S., C. Cantaluppi, S.Mandić and S.Degetto

The environmental state of aquatic systems through sediments analysis: Radiochemical approach


Stjepčević, B. and A. Ivanović

Some indicators of anthropogenic pollution of sea water in Kotor and Risan Bays


Regner, D., N. Vuksanović, B. Stjepčević, M. Dutina and D. Joksimović

Sea-water quality and the level of eutrophication in the Montenegrin Coastal Sea


Matorin, D. N., N. Vuksanović, A. B. Rubin, F. Ancori and P. S. Venediktov

Application of chlorophyll fluorescence in studies of phytoplankton in the Mediterranean Sea


Štajn, A. Š., R. V. Žikić, R. P. Mihajlović, S. Mandić, B. I. Ognjanović, S. Z. Pavlović, Z. S. Saičić and V. M.Petrović

Mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) as bioindicators of presence of heavy metals in Boka Kotorska Bay


Saveljić, D.

Yellow Legged Gull Larus cachinnans (Larus argentatus Michahellis Naumann, 1840) build nest in Ulcinj saltpanbasins

Müller, W. E.G. and H. C. Schröder

How was the Metazoa threshold crossed: The Urmetazoa

Kondrashev, S. L. and V. P. Gnyubkina

Visual pigments and spectral sensitivity of fishes with changeable corneal coloration


Podugolnikova, T.A.and S. L. Kondrashev

Varieties of ganglion cells of the marine fish retina projecting to the optic tectum: An Hrp study

Lazarević, L., Lj. Rogač, I. Milošević and M. Gojković

Morphological characteristics of glial cells in telencephalon of Scyliorhinus canicula