The Magic of Sound: Children’s Literature and Music


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The Magic of Sound: Children’s Literature and Music

15-17 May 2023, Montenegro

Literature and music are deeply rooted in our physical, emotional, and intellectual experiences, and they often intertwine in myriad ways. Music and sound play large roles in how language functions, in how meaning emerges, in how our bodies respond and contribute to our experiences, and in how we learn and grow. In large and small ways, music functions in poetry and prose, graphic images, drama, games and play, and folk culture, in addition to the more obvious musical contexts such as popular and classical music, opera, musical theatre, and music education. And yet, despite music and literature being sister arts with common origins, the relationship between them, especially in children’s culture, has not often been given due critical attention. While children’s literature scholars tend to be more comfortable with crossover from visual studies, they seem to shy away from, or simply do not perceive the connections to, the field of music. Learn More


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