BIO-ICT Centre of Excellence

BIO-ICT, as the first Centre of Excellence in Montenegro, creates a specific innovative ecosystem focused on development and implementation of novel bioinformatics technologies. BIO-ICT has been exploiting its capacities towards unlocking and utilizing potential of the Montenegrin South Adriatic Sea and inland rural areas, bringing innovative solutions in various bioeconomy sectors, related to sustainable food security, blue growth, bio-based innovation for sustainable goods and services. At BIO-ICT we combine specific scientific and innovative expertise in information technologies, life sciences, ecological monitoring. Through synergy with industrial partners, BIO-ICT is progressing towards the goals of translating research results into innovative products and services for boosting economic and social development, bringing into focus the environmental protection. 

BIO-ICT is led by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, while other partners on the project are three leading Montenegrin research institutions: Biotechnical Faculty, Institute for Marine Biology, Institute of Public Health; two international universities: St. Petersburg Scientific Research Centre for Ecological Safety from Russia and Centre for TeleInFrastruktur (CTIF) from Denmark; and two successful Montenegrin SMEs companies: COGIMAR and Green House Jovović.

In every area of the contemporary business world, progressive companies face an ever-increasing demand to innovate. We at BIO-ICT believe that Montenegro is a prime location for research and development. We are creating an environment for the productive collaboration between industry, academia and government agencies. All stakeholders working together will position Montenegro as a knowledge-based economy and as a primary location for RD&I.

BIO-ICT aim is the development of modular and state-of-the-art BIO-ICT R&D platform in the areas of sustainable agriculture, monitoring of the crops, forest and water/sea ecosystem, development of techniques for controlling and reducing air pollution, analysis and standardization of food products, control of land quality, and improvement in the public health area. A new pilot system is currently under development. It is service oriented with the aim to boost the application and use of the latest ICT technologies in the areas of agriculture, marine biology, environmental monitoring as well as health, smart objects, transportation, energy, etc.

Our objective is to create an open, welcoming and vibrant centre that will inspire our teams and partners to push the boundaries of scientific innovation.

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