Elektrotehnički fakultet, 14.06.2015


14th - 16th June 2015, Budva, Montenegro
A special session dedicated to the Compressive sensing and its applications was held at the 4th Mediterranean Conference on Embedded Computing (MECO 2015). Prof. dr Srdjan Stanković was Chairman of this Special session, dedicated to the students research work in the area of compressive sensing. It is important to emphasize that approximately 30 students participated in this session with their research papers, giving this event highly educational dimension from the perspective of young researchers. Also, it was agreat oportunity to promote the project ideas within the students population and their generation from foreign universities. Finally, nine student papers are publihsed in the Workshop Proceedings:
E. Hot, and P. Sekulić, “Compressed sensing MRI using masked DCT and DFT measurements” MECO 2015
S. Jokić, J. Kadović, and Lj. Nikaj, “ Analysis of Gradient based Algorithm for Signal reconstruction in the Presence of Noise”, MECO 2015
M. Lakičević, M. Moračanin, and N. Đerković, “Robust CS reconstruction based on appropriate minimization norm”, MECO 2015
J. Musić, I. Knežević, and E. Franca , “Wavelet based Watermarking approach in the Compressive Sensing Scenario”, MECO 2015
A. Miletić, and N. Ivanović, “Compressive sensing based velocity estimation in video data”, MECO 2015
T. Savić, and R. Albijanić, “CS reconstruction of the speech and musical signals”, MECO 2015, 2015
J. Badnjar, “Comparison of Algorithms for Compressed Sensing of Magnetic Resonance Images,” MECO 2015
Z. Vulaj, and F. Kardović, “Separation of sinusoidal and chirp components using Compressive sensing approach”, MECO 2015
M. Bajčeta, and M. Radević, “A method for Signal Denoising based on the Compressive Sensing Reconstruction”, MECO 2015