Elektrotehnički fakultet, 27.06.2015


27th - 30th June 2015, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Meeting with representatives of the Slovenian partners from the University of Ljubljana and from the partner company ALPMEDIA was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The purpose of the meeting was management of activities performed at the partner institutions in Slovenia and activities performed at the University of Montenegro in order to exchange our results and future goals. The visit was to the team of researchers and application developers from the University of Ljubljana (which are also included in the project activities according to the work plan) was organized in order to finalize patent named ”Hardware implementation of combined compressive sensing-based image filtering and reconstruction”. This patent is our mutual project and it will be made for Slovenia. Beside this, the new web application for Compressive Sensing (which will be integrated into ECHO platform) was presented, as well as workplan and the spending forecast for the next period. During this meeting the project leader with the scientific team handed out the specific tasks and obligations for each member of the project. Expected outcomes and results were listed and staff members planned to be involved in the project for the next period. The project team visited the offices and laboratories of the University of Ljubljana, in order to introduce with the equipment and resources available for research activities.