Elektrotehnički fakultet, 10.09.2015

Study Visit to Grenoble

10th - 24th September 2015, Grenoble, France


The study visit to the National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble (INP Grenoble) was performed by MSc Stefan Vujović, teaching/research assistant at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and researcher at the CS-ICT project. Mr Vujović spent two weeks at the INP Grenoble, as it was planned by the training plan for the second year of the project realization. This study visit was organized for the purpose of Mobility for knowledge transfer between the project partners, as well as for training and coordination of the staff members. During his visit, Mr Vujović presented algorithms and methods developed by our project team during the first project year. Also, he presented applications in which developed methods were applied.

This visit was a great opportunity to introduce INP Grenoble staff members with recent developments on the project realization and to discuss about possible applications of the developed algorithms. On the other side, this visit provided education and trainings to Mr Vujović, in order to share the specific tasks to all project members and to specify further directions of the project implementation.