Elektrotehnički fakultet, 28.09.2015

57th international symposium ELMAR 2015

28th - 30th September 2015, Zadar, Croatia
CS -ICT project team participated at the 57th international symposium ELMAR 2015, Zadar, Croatia. Three papers were presented:

- S. Vujović, I. Orović, M. Daković, Lj. Stanković, “Statistical Performance Analyzer for Compressive Sensing Gradient Algorithm”,
- A. Draganić, M. Brajović, I. Orović, and S. Stanković, “A Software Tool for Compressive Sensing based Time-Frequency Analysis,” and
- M. Orović, T. Pejaković, A. Draganić, and S. Stanković, “MRI watermarking in the Compressive Sensing context”.

Every year this conference results in establishing the new contacts with researchers from the region and the world, and provides the opportunity to discuss about the new ideas and results.