Elektrotehnički fakultet, 30.09.2015

Visiting the FESB

30th September - 3rd October 2015, Split, Croatia
Prof. Dr Srdjan Stanković, Prof. Dr Irena Orović, Miloš Brajović and Andjela Draganić visited the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Split (FESB), from 30th September 2015 to 3rd October 2015. The researchers from the FESB are our partners on bilateral project that our University has with Croatia. The FESB is ranked among the top faculties in research production in its research fields, and has a long term successful collaboration with industry as well. A research Group for Automatic Control and Systems within the FESB, deals with automatic control systems in biomechanics and robotics, as well as with computer vision applications. Special focus of the group is on biomechanical analysis in sport and analysis of the human motion. During this visit, the our research team presented the results achieved in recent period. Also, the plan for further research activities has been made during the visit.