About us

The Laboratory for Multimedia Signals and Systems (Multimedia Lab) within the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Montenegro, is dedicated to the high-quality fundamental and applied research and education mostly in the field of Multimedia representing the future of modern life. The research has been also conducted within several related fields, such as radars, communications, biomedical signal analysis and applications, closing a circle of state-of-the-art technologies. Our aim to strengthen the research, education, innovation and development in Montenegro. The focus is made on fostering fruitful collaborations with faculties and universities worldwide, through the joint scientific publications and projects, as well as the knowledge and researchers exchange. Regarding the educational activities, our scientists and professors cover a different area of multimedia systems, information systems, web programming and applications, Internet technologies and services, etc. 

The lab publishes in average between 15-20 scientific papers per year (most of them in the leading scientific journals in the field of electrical engineering). We are proud to boast the "Award for the Best Leader of the National Project in Montenegro", in 2011. 

The laboratory's research objectives are to: 

  • Develop innovative techniques for generalized signal processing
  • Develop advanced techniques for time-frequency signal analysis, filtering and classification
  • Develop the algorithms for multimedia signals processing: audio, image and video processing algorithms
  • Develop the algorithms for multimedia data protection - Digital Watermarking
  • Contribute to the theoretical foundation of modern Compressive Sensing concepts
  • Develop the innovative techniques for Compressive Sensing data reconstruction

We also provide the consulting services, courses, study cases, revisions and innovation projects related to: 

  • Information systems and Informatics (different levels)
  • Digitalization and digital data processing
  • Digital Broadcasting
  • Multimedia data compression (JPEG, MPEG, VCEG)
  • Digital Modulations and Coding Principles
  • Data Protection, Watermarking (embedding and detection)
  • Digital data storage and transmission
  • Web design
  • Databases

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