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About H2020 F-Interop

About H2020 F-Interop

F-Interop is a three years European research project. It is researching and developing online interoperability and performance test tools supporting emerging IoT-related technologies from standardization to market. It intends to support researchers, product development by SME, and standardization processes.

F-Interop aims and objectives can be summarized as follow:

            • to integrate and extend several European testbed federations with a shared “Testbed as a Service” interconnecting three European testbeds federations (Fed4FIRE, OneLab, IoT Lab), bringing together over 32 testbeds and 4755 nodes. It will develop a new architecture model enabling easier access
            • to research and develop online testing tools for the Internet of Things, including for interoperability tests, conformance tests, scalability tests, Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) tests, and Energy efficiency tests
            • to support IoT standardization and enable closer cooperation with the industry, through a close collaboration with standards development organizations, including ETSI, oneM2M, IETF  and W3C,- and be researching and developing online certification and labelling mechanisms. F-Interop will enable an easier industry in the standardization process
            • to organize an Open call for SMEs and developers to use and enrich the developed testing platform with additional modules and extensions (additional test tools, tests specifications, etc.)

We acknowledge F-Interop for providing this description.

More about F-Interop can be found at the following link.