Information on enrolment at the University of Montenegro for Degree seeking students

According to the Higher Education Law of Montenegro foreign citizens have the right to enroll the study programs in Montenegro under the same conditions as Montenegrin citizens.

Student enrolment is done based on the open public competition of the University for all study programs. The competition is published in daily newspapers and on the website of the University of Montenegro. The competition is announced in the second half of June of the academic year, indicating the first enrolment deadline.

Applicants who want to enroll in a particular study program need to submit the following documents to the faculty unit of the University of Montenegro:

  1. Original school leaving certificate,
  2. Original diploma on passed matriculation exam or professional examination,
  3. Original certificates on completed secondary school education for every year separately
  4. Diploma “Luča” (the highest award issued to the best pupils based on all the best marks gained throughout the whole secondary school study period) or an equivalent diploma
  5. Copy of a biometric identity card i.e. an adequate identity document for foreign citizens
  6. Diploma (or an equivalent document) on the first or second award won at the state or international competition in the subjects of importance for the continuation of education

A foreign citizen also submits proof of proficiency in the language in which the studies are performed, except in the cases when s/he completed secondary school in one of the languages in official use in Montenegro.

Enrolment is competitive, in accordance with the results achieved during secondary school, and accordingly a ranking list is established. For enrolment in certain study programs, additional examinations may be required as additional conditions, as prescribed by the Rulebook.

Foreign citizens may enroll under the same conditions as Montenegrin citizens, but they need to have their diplomas recognized. If the process of diploma recognition is not finished, a foreign citizen may enroll provisionally, provided that the process for diploma recognition had already been initiated

Recognition of a foreign educational document on acquired higher education (submitted to the Ministry of Education of Montenegro)

I For educational documents obtained in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia:

  1. Request
  2. Three certified copies of the Diploma or Graduation Certificate (A4 format)
  3. Certificate of passed exams or Diploma Supplement
  4. Confirmation of paid administrative fee

II For educational documents obtained in other countries:

  1. Request
  2. Three translations of the Diploma or Graduation Certificate certified by a court interpreter (A4 format)
  3. Translation of the Certificate of Passed Exams or Diploma Supplement certified by a court interpreter
  4. Copy of diploma
  5. A copy of the Certificate of Passed Exams or Diploma Supplement
  6. Confirmation of paid administrative fee

Documents are submitted every working day at the Ministry of Education from 8 am to 10 am and from 12 pm to 2 pm.


A person who has submitted request for recognition of a foreign educational certificate, and the enrolment procedure has not been completed by the deadline for submission of application, can submit conditional application and be enrolled based on the certificate stating that the procedure has been initiated within the competent body.  In the event when foreign education certificate recognition is not completed until the beginning of the academic year, or it is rejected or if the foreign education certificate does not provide the right to enrolment into the selected study programme of the University, the enrolment shall be null and void.

  • Candidates who did not take the external matriculation exam have to take tests in two subjects of importance for continuation of education. The terms of exams are posted on the web pages of relevant organizational units/faculties.
  • Admission exams for faculties and academies that organize them and which represent additional condition for enrolment, are taken according to the schedule posted on the web pages of the relevant faculties.
  • Note: Admission exams are organized for enrolment into the following study programmes: Medicine, Stomatology, Architecture, Psychology, Physical Culture and Health Lifestyles, as well as for professional artistic study programmes.



Students’ Adress Book of the University of Montenegro

Faculty Coordinators for the International Cooperation


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