Elektrotehnički fakultet, 01.08.2015


31st July - 4th August 2015, Kotor, Montenegro
Researchers from 4 different universities from China visited our research team. The researchers are our partners on bilateral project that we have with China and they come from the world high ranked universities, such as Nanyang Technological University Singapore, Zheijang University, China and Hangzhou Normal University, China. The CS ICT project ideas and results were presented at the workshop. The developed software – Virtual Instrument for the Compressive Sensing reconstruction as well as developed hardware schemes were demonstrated. Also, the researchers from China introduced our research team with their research results. They presented the state of the art research in their fields of expertise, which might lead to new ideas and concepts in our fields of research. The possible extension of the research and joint collaboration was addressed. Researchers from China organized intensive trainings for young researchers during the workshop. The knowledge and expertise from China researchers together with our team’s knowledge and experience in Compressive Sensing field might be exploited to get new ideas for development of new approaches.